Personal items collection for the CRC

Posted by Cecile Abel on Sep 07, 2019
Our club collected and donated 100s of personal and cleaning items for our local Community Resource Center (CRC).
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Results from our Golf Ball Drop fundraiser

Posted by Cecile Abel on May 11, 2019
On May 11, 2019 we held our 5th Annual Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser at Encinitas Ranch Golf Course. It was more successful than ever. Nearly 200 people were in attendance to enjoy live music, 45 silent auction items, tasty appetizers, an assortment of delicious French pastries, and the excitement of witnessing 2200 balls being dropped from a helicopter! 
Results from our Golf Ball Drop fundraiser Cecile Abel 2019-05-11 07:00:00Z 0
Tour of Malahat Spirits Wic 2019-01-30 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary Model UN Conference at USD

Posted by Carl Mostert
Our Italian Rotary exchange student Camilla Vidoni, participating an the Rotary model UN conference at University San Diego. 
This wonderful program exposes students to complex international issues, different cultures and political ideologies. More specifically it teaches students peaceful conflict resolution, diplomatic negotiating strategies as well as analytical thinking and speaking skills
Rotary Model UN Conference at USD Carl Mostert 2018-04-09 07:00:00Z 0
AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination Program for local kids Carl Mostert 2018-03-14 07:00:00Z 0

Shades of Pink is a cause that makes a real difference!

Posted by Carl Mostert
Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club is a proud contributor to the SHADES OF PINK Foundation who help breast cancer patients who are experiencing financial distress due to their diagnosis and treatment.
It makes it all worthwhile when recipients thank you for helping them....
Shades of Pink is a cause that makes a real difference! Carl Mostert 2018-03-14 07:00:00Z 0

Save a life with an AED machine!

AED training held at the Encinitas Community Resource Center (CRC)  http://crcncc.org/ (located at 650 2nd St, Encinitas, CA 92024) for their staff. 
Our Rotarians Donna-Marie and Cecile Abel attended. Encinitas Coastal Rotary club is purchasing an AED machine for the CRC to have in their facility. They have a constant stream of families, elders and young mothers coming through their doors to receive help, from food, shelter, to counseling… they did not have an AED and had a person have a heart attack while visiting their food pantry last year (the person survived thanks to the quick action of a staff member).

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Congratulations Gaby!

Posted on Feb 10, 2018

Carol Blum and Gaby Beltran from LaCosta Canyon High School following her first place win in the first round of the Youth Instrumental Music Contest February 8 sponsored by Rotary. Gaby will proceed to the next level of competition on Sunday, February 25th, at Palomar College. 

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CRC Holiday Box packing  

Encinitas Coastal Rotarians volunteering and  packing Holiday boxes for those less fortunate in our community.
CRC Holiday Box packing CM 2018-01-24 08:00:00Z 0
Encinitas Coastal Rotarians participate in building the Rotary Float for the Rose Parade CM 2018-01-24 08:00:00Z 0

Feed the Marines

Encinitas Coastal Rotary loves giving back to our local community and supporting our young Marines on Camp Pendleton.
Take a look at these Smiling Rotarians and Super smart young Marines being fed Fresh HotDogs and a cookie being sneaked into the meal as well. So proud of these young men, who are very thankful for us being there a giving them some "homemade" and hearty dogs!
Feed the Marines CM 2017-08-25 07:00:00Z 0

District 5340 Conference

Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club President-elect Rick Cohen making a difference in the world!
Working with fellow Rotarians and Rotaract college students at Rotary District conference packaging rice – soy fortified meals for Rise Against Hunger. 17,000 meals were packaged in three hours.
District 5340 Conference CM 2017-05-21 07:00:00Z 0

Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser - part 2

And the story continues with some more pictures...
Dropping the Balls
Judges run over to determine the winners
Checking out the closest balls
Doing a final measure...
The winning Numbers are...
And the winners are announced
Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser - part 2 Cm 2017-05-15 07:00:00Z 0

ECR Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser - Part 1

We had a superb Day outside at the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course with Rotarians, friends, family, and supporters at our annual fundraiser -  the Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club Golf Ball Drop. This Fundraiser is to benefit the Navy Seal Foundation. San Diego is home to our brave Navy Seals and we are very proud to play a small role in support of their families when we lose a member of the Navy Seals.
Helicopter co-pilot and the 2 ball drop handlers - Linda & Beppie
VW Beetle sponsor Herman Cook loaned a car to drive the judges to the inspect the ball drop
Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear and ECR President Carl & Beppie Mostert
Assemblyman Rocky Chavez and Cher Bettencourt
Jan and Carol selling Golf Balls up to the last minute
Neil and Clarice showing their dashing style
Checking in all our visitors
The silent Auction items were a big attraction
ECR Golf Ball Drop Fundraiser - Part 1 CM 2017-05-15 07:00:00Z 0

Rotary Workday for our Club

Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club did our 2017 Rotary Workday a couple of days early.
Hey Ho, hey ho, it's of to work we go.....
A great turnout with our club members working at the Leichtag Foundation Coastal Roots Farm in Encinitas
 Beautiful environment with Nasturtiums trellised up
We even listen to instructions...sometimes.
Working the fields in the vineyard. In our club we are always interested in moving closer to wine
Rotary Workday for our Club CM 2017-04-26 07:00:00Z 0

Encinitas Coastal Rotary Annual Golf Ball Drop

Come and Join us for a fun filled afternoon and a worthy cause!
We are proud to be working on our annual Golf Ball Drop fundraiser in support of the Navy Seal Foundation.
The Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club will host its 3rd annual Golf Ball Drop, Cocktail Reception, and Silent Auction at the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course on Saturday, May 13, 2017 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm. Funds raised will benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation and other local community charities. Individually numbered, color-coded golf balls will be released from a helicopter onto Hole #1 on the course. The color-coded ball closest to the hole will win $2000. Second and third closest color-coded balls win $1000 and $500, respectively
Saturday May 13th 5:00pm - 7:00pm
To buy tickets and golf ball in support of this great charity event, please click the link below:
Encinitas Coastal Rotary Annual Golf Ball Drop CM 2017-03-23 07:00:00Z 0

ECR Participates in Peace Heroes Walk 

President-Elect Rick Cohen and Peace Chair Dennis Reese, carrying the flag for our Rotary Club!
Peace Heroes Walk is a joint initiative between the 21st Century Peace Literacy Foundation and San Diego Rotarians
ECR Participates in Peace Heroes Walk  CM 2017-03-23 07:00:00Z 0

Encinitas Coastal Rotary 4-way speech contest

Encinitas Coastal Rotary 4-way Speech Contest at La Costa Canyon High Scool
 Our club proudly participates and promotes development of students in our local community. Once again ECR sponsored Students to participate in the Rotary 4-way speech contest, where speech & debate students at La Costa Canyon high school speak about subjects they are passionate about while incorporating the great and enduring Rotary 4-way test.
  • Is it the Truth?
  • Is it fair to all concerned?
  • Will it build good will and better friendships?
  • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
The entries were just amazing. Thanks to everyone involved
ECR President Carl Mostert congratulating the speech participants

ECR members and student contestants for the Rotary 4-Way speech contest
Encinitas Coastal Rotary 4-way speech contest Carl Mostert 2017-02-24 08:00:00Z 0

ECR Welcomes a new member

Welcome to new Member Stacy Slagor of Encinitas CRC!!
New Member Stacy Slagor introducing herself with President Carl Mostert, Sponsor Donna Marie Robinson and Membership Chair Linda Kitchens
ECR Welcomes a new member CM 2016-12-06 08:00:00Z 0

Rotary Connecting for Good Tour

Posted by CM
And everyone had FUN!!!!
What an amazing effort by Rotarians to work with members of the Navy and do a tremendous amount of work in upgrading, repairing and rebuilding the gardens at the BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB IN ENCINITAS.
A special thanks to Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club members Marla and Art who co-ordinated our club efforts and hosted visiting Rotarians
Rotary Connecting for Good Tour CM 2016-11-15 08:00:00Z 0

Rotarian Kelly Mellos is a TEDx Speaker

Posted by CM

“Art breaks down barriers, teaches us to celebrate both our differences and similarities, makes us comfortable with ambiguity, teaches us to take risks and allows us to communicate in a universal human language, where words often fail,” Mellos said in the release.

Mellos’ journey began with her involvement with the Hands of Peace organization, an interfaith organization that brings young people together from Palestine, Israel and America and empowers them to raise their voices as leaders of change. Through the power of dialogue, these teens partner in regular workshops to pursue peace, equality, freedom and justice.

“I first became aware of Hands of Peace when Scott Silk, San Diego Site Director of Hands of Peace, spoke at the Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club four years ago.” Mellos explained. “I immediately decided to get involved in this peace process and offered to conduct an art workshop for the young attendees.”

Rotarian Kelly Mellos is a TEDx Speaker CM 2016-10-23 07:00:00Z 0

ECR Sponsored Interact Club does Beach Cleanup

Another great example of Rotary being active in our community. The ECR sponsored Interact club were busy on a beautiful Saturday morning - doing a beach clean up. Thank you so much, we all love having our beautiful beaches looking pristine for everyone to enjoy!

ECR Sponsored Interact Club does Beach Cleanup   CM 2016-10-02 07:00:00Z 0

Proud of our active participation in the Hands of Peace Program

 At Encinitas Coastal rotary Club, we have members that want to make a difference! 
A strong program changing the lives of Palestinian and Jewish teeangers was hosted in San Diego. Our club efforts in supporting this worthy cause, was led by International Club Chair - Kelly Mellos together with Nick Mellos and Peace Chair Dennis Reese!
 85 lives were changed across Chicago and San Diego this summer and we are happy to report that all Hands have arrived home to Israel/Palestine. As always, we were so impressed with the courage, dedication and honesty that our participants displayed during this process.
We have successfully concluded another summer program and want to thank all of our supporters, participants, host families, staff, and volunteers who make this program run year after year.
Proud of our active participation in the Hands of Peace Program Carl Mostert 2016-08-07 07:00:00Z 0